Kids at Hope

Avondale Elementary School District is a Kids at Hope district which means we are committed to the belief, principles and practices that support the success of all children, No Exceptions!

To achieve our vision we are creating a community where all adults see themselves as Treasure Hunters and all children learn to be Time Travelers.  Treasure Hunters are caring adults who search for the skills, talents and intelligence in all children and youth. Time Travel is the learned capacity to envision one’s future at life’s four major destinations:  Home and Family; Education and Career; Community and Service; and Hobbies and Recreation, return to the present and prepare for the journey. We call that HOPE.

Each morning our students recite the Kids at Hope pledge:

Each morning our staff joins together to recite the Treasure Hunter's Pledge in front of our students:

We recognize and celebrate the Kids at Hope philosophy throughout the school year.  We truly believe that EVERY child is capable of success, NO EXCEPTIONS! 

Please visit the Kids at Hope website for more informatio