Class Management Procedures

Every classroom on our campus has the same three rules:

Be Respectful
Be Responsible
Be Safe

While these three rules may look or sound different in a kindergarten classroom versus an eighth grade classroom, all three are fundamental for student learning, safety, and overall well-being.

K-4th Grade Clip System
All students start on "Green" and it is our goal that every student ends on Green, Blue or even Purple at the end of the day.  Students can move up and down on the clip chart during the school day.  Teachers will contact parents for consequences, as well as incentives related to this clip system.

Purple - Oustanding
Blue - Good Choices
Green - Ready to Learn
Yellow - Slow Down
Orange - Think About It
Red - Stop & Make a Change

5th-8th Grade Stamp System
With our 5th-8th grade students having multiple teachers, we want to ensure that students are held accountable from class to class and we are communicating effectively and efficiently with all our parents.  Students in these grades are expected to use their school provided student agendas to write down learning objectives, homework, and receive stamps for behavior reporting.

Stamps you may see in your child's agenda are as follows:

Step 2 - Second Warning

Step 3 - Detention

Step 4 - Consequence

Way To Go!

Each step will come with a teacher signature so you are aware which class your child earned that particular step.  Step 1 is a verbal warning and a student can receive verbal warnings in any class before they move to Step 2 and beyond.  Teachers will contact parents for consequences, as well as incentives related to this stamp system.

Missing Homework
(Subject Area)

Every teacher in grades 5-8 has a homework stamp with their subject area listed so you can see quickly and clearly if your child is missing any homework that was due.