Cafeteria Information

Current Pricing:

Breakfast: $1.00
Lunch: $2.25

Please click on the link monthly menu to see a current cafeteria menu.

Our District Food Services Department is dedicated to providing our students with a nurturing, friendly environment that serves quality food based on state and federal guidelines.  Please visit their webpage under the "For Parents" tab at the top to find out more.

Students can deposit money into their lunch account every morning after announcements.

Parents can also add money to their students' accounts online through EzSchoolPay.  This service gives parents the flexibility, convenience, and assurance to keep in touch with their child's meal account and make fast and secure payments.  Please keep in mind that a convenience fee of $2.50 is added to your payment.  Even if you don't want to pay online, you can set up an account and monitor your child's balance.  Click on the link below to get started!


Lunch & Recess Times for Students:
All students play first, then eat.
Mon, Tues, Thurs, & Fri
Kinder:  11:45-12:20
First:  11:35-12:10
Second:  11:25-12:00
Third:  11:15-11:50
Fourth:  11:05-11:40
Fifth:  10:55-11:30
Sixth:  10:45-11:20
Seventh:  10:35-11:10
Eighth:  10:25-11:00

Wed (lunch only, no recess)
Kinder: 11:25-11:45
First: 11:20-11:40
Second: 11:15-11:35
Third: 11:05-11:25
Fourth: 11:00-11:20
Fifth: 10:55-11:15
Sixth: 10:45-11:05
Seventh: 10:40-11:00
Eighth: 10:35-10:55

Applications for free and reduced meals are below - please click on the link to download.  You can either drop the application off at our school office or cafeteria or fax directly to Food Services at 623-772-5080.  You can also apply online using the EZMealApp link below.

ez meal app