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Blending Bowl (Making Words)
 Blend sounds to make words.
Rhyming Words
Children actively work on rhyming skills, including blending, segmentation, and isolation of sounds. Very important 1st grade skills!

Reading Skill Builders
Choose a grade and click on Interactive Language Arts Skill Builders. Use this site to reinforce skills learned in class.

Bitesize Phonics, Rhyming, Alphabetical Order, Spelling, Sentences, Synonyms
Fun Games! Practice skills to fit your learning needs. Choose from MEDIUM, HARD, and REALLY HARD!
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Splat Square
Click on the number grid where you think a particular number is located.
Mathematics Skill Builders
Click on the grade and choose activities to reinforce skills learned in class.

Subtraction Bowling
Bowl down pins by answering subtraction problems.
Subtraction Harvest
Beginning Subtraction: Problems with tree and apples visuals.
Fruit Fall- Graphing Fruit
Class Favorite! Practice creating a bar graph. Parents try asking questions like: How many _____ are there? How many more ____ than ___ are there? (comparing) How many ____ are there in all? How many ____ and ____ are there (addition)
Math Fact Cafe
Practice addition and subtraction facts.
Place Value Shark Numbers
Match numeral with tens and ones graphic.
Telling Time To The Hour
Practice telling time to the hour with an analog clock.


Social Studies
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Ben's Guide to U.S. Government
You can learn about our nation, United States symbols,your neighborhood and play interactive social studies games.
Arizona State Symbols
Learn more about our great state. Just click on the list to learn about Arizona.