Policies and Procedures
Classroom Discipline Plan


Class Rules*

1. Be Respectful
2. Be Responsible
3. Be Safe

*Student generated class rules the first day of school.

Classroom Behavior Chart


If a student chooses not to follow a class rule, they will have to change their name on our behavior chart.  Each step is paired with a reward or consequence. We will send a daily Behavior Report home to notify you of your child’s behavior. Please check and sign it daily.  This will stay in your child’s folder.



Purple: Outstanding
Blue: Good Choices
Green: Ready to Learn
Yellow: Slow Down
Orange: Think About It
            Red: Stop and Make a Change                       

If your child is on Orange or Red, please refer to the following numbers, which will be marked on the daily behavior report.                   


Behavior Codes:

  1. I hurt a friend on the inside.
  2. I hurt a friend on the outside.
  3. I did not follow directions.
  4. I was talking out of turn.
  5. I did not have self-control
  6. I was not doing my work
  7. I misbehaved at lunch
  8. I misbehaved at art/music/PE
  9. I misbehaved in the cafeteria or bathroom
  10. I did not tell the truth