Policies and Procedures

Theresa Levine

Discipline Plan 2014-2015



Classroom Rules

1.I will respect other people in my words and actions

-Come in quietly

-Raise your hand to speak

-Wait your turn to be called on; do not interrupt

-Be kind in your words and actions

-Let others learn /work


2.   I will act in a safe and respectful manner at all times

-Keep hands, objects, and feet to self


3.   I will respect all school property and the school environment

-Take care of items given to you by the school to use

-Take care of others property


4.   I will follow the dress code.


5.   I will arrive to school/class on time and prepared

-Be on time to class

-Have materials you will need (homework, pencils, paper, etc)




Verbal Warning

Warning in Agenda

Placement in another classroom or ACP

Parent Contact and after school or lunch detention

Office Referral

Positive Consequences:

Team Time with your class

Way to Go Tickets for Classroom Store

Scorpion Awards

Free time (student choice)