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Classroom News

Junior High Music Assignment:
Due Date: Monday, April 5
Assignment 1:
Written Report:
Pick a composer, performer or a group from music history to report on.  You may choose from the Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, or Romantic time periods.  This must be one page hand written neatly. Be ready to play one piece from the composer you choose.

Assignment 2: Due Date will be April 12 (sign up for a day and time)

You may choose an individual or group to report on that you enjoy listening to.  I am going to let you be creative with how you present your material.  You may choose to do a display board, create a media presentation, etc. to show your work.  You will need to have the following components in your presentation:

*Name of singer/group/musician
*History/background of person or group
*Type of music performed or written
*Influence that the musician or musicians have had on others, music, or where they got their influence from
*Why you enjoy the music of this person or persons
You may bring in an example of their music for us to hear if appropriate.

This will be a major part of your grade. 

You may team up with one other person if you choose.

Your grade will be judged orally as well as the written portion.