Policies and Procedures
Classroom Rules

*Follow directions the first time they are given
*Use quiet voices and walk in the classroom
*Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself
*Listen when others are speaking
*Be nice to each other
*Have fun!

We are using a color clip system to track behavior. 
Purple- Outstanding
Blue- Good Choices
Green- Ready to Learn
Yellow- Slow Down
Orange- Think About It
Red- Stop, Make a Change

Your child will bring home a daily calendar that will show what their color was for the day.  Please check this calendar every day and either initial it or sign it for the day. If your child does get to orange or red, I will call or talk with you after school.


Homework is sent home weekly. There is an activity to do each night Monday through Thursday.  Homework goes home on Monday and is due every Friday.  It is expected that each child complete their weekly homework.  
It is also expected that each child should read or be read to for a minimum of 15 minutes every day.  Homework is a way to practice skills learned in class.


Our specials for this year are PE, Art (quarters 1 and 2), Music (quarters 3 and 4) and Technology.  Technology and PE are all year. 
Every other Wednesday we will have a special class that will vary between Art, Music, Computers, and PE.  Check your child's daily calendar for what special is that week.  Please make sure that your child wears tennis shoes for PE.

Snack Time

We have snack time every day but Wednesday during our morning recess time.  If you would like to have your child bring a snack, please make sure that it is something that he/she can open and eat on their own.  Please make sure that they know that it is snack and not their lunch!  It should be something that can be eaten in about 5-10 minutes.