Mrs. Albertson - Master Teacher


Hello!  My name is Jennifer Albertson.  I moved here from Ohio in 1996.  I have a husband named Paul, a 16-year-old son named Steven, a 12-year-old son named Charlie and three cats (Tigger, Jessie and Spot).  I live in the Desert Star neighborhood.  I am a teacher, community member and proud parent of a Desert Star student!

This is my 15th year at Desert Star and my 24th year of teaching.  I have taught almost every grade level - kindergarten through 6th grade.  I left the classroom seven years ago and took on a role as a master teacher.  I provide professional development, conduct teacher evaluations and provide support for the teachers and their students.

Jennifer Albertson, MEd, NBCT
(Master of Educational Leadership,
National Board Certified Teacher)
(623) 772-4656