Classroom News
Welcome Back to all students.

I wanted to share with you the music lessons and activities students are working on this quarter in music.

The upper grade students 6-8th gr. will be working in small groups researching musical singers and or groups.  They will be putting together information on the artist and or group.  The groups will work together gathering facts and discussing how they would like to present their findings to the class.  Once the groups have completed their presentations to present they will reflect on one song from the artist they chose and write why they like the song. What is about the song that makes it their favorite.  Maybe a person, event or place or perhaps they just like how the music vocal and instruments are out to together within the song.
Students are free to be a creative as they want.  There will be a rubric they must follow, but can add as much to the rubric as they chose. They can write for multiple instruments and voice.  I will give many examples to help them.

K-2 grades will be spending this quarter reviewing music concepts from last quarter and then expanding these concepts with new lessons and activities.  The main focus will be rhythms: performing, listening, visual  and movement activities using them.

3-5th grade students will be introduced to musical recorders.  They will learn about small wind instruments and learn how to hold, make sounds, and form songs.  The students will take the previous music concepts learned, rhythms, note reading, and other components and apply them to the playing of the recorder instruments.