School and Gate Schedules for Preschool Ace-DS
Class Dates and Times

Monday -      8:00A - 2:30P
Tuesday -      8:00A - 2:30P
Wednesday - NO SCHOOL (Parent Involvement Classes)
Thursday -     8:00A - 2:30P
Friday -          8:00A - 2:30P

Gate Entry/Exit Times

Entry to Pre-K
8:00A - 8:15A 

End of Day
2:15P - 2:35P

*** Due to congestion and limited parking, we will close the gates at 2:35P. This will prevent (as much as possible) additional congestion and parking issues. 

***If you come after the gate has closed than you may enter through the front office. Please be prepared to show ID and leave it with the front office to come get students in Pre-K.  
We appreciate your flexibility and assistance on this matter.