Bullying is a problem that effects many students across the country.  When I talk to the different grade levels here at Desert Star about bullying I discuss the different roles that are played: bully, target/victim, and witness.  Information is included on each of the roles but I really try to impress upon the students that the witness can play the biggest role, simply because there are usually more of them than bullies or targets. 

I have also included some websites that provide good information on bullying as well. 

Related Files

    pdf Types of Bullying (pdf file - n/a)
    This document provides an overview of what different types of bullying there are. It is can be beneficial to go over it with your child to see if they have a clear understanding of what bullying is.


    pdf What can the victim/target do? (pdf file - n/a)
    This document provides different solutions for someone who is getting bullied.


    pdf What can a witness do? (pdf file - n/a)
    This document provides solutions on how witnesses can step in and make a difference to stop bullying.


    pdf What can a bully do? (pdf file - n/a)
    This document gives solutions to someone who might identify some of their behaviors as being


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Related Links
    » Stop Bullying Now
    This is a great website that gives tons of information on bullying.
    » McGruff- National Crime Prevention Council
    This is a great, kid friendly website that provides information on bullying and lots more.