Counseling Forms

Below are the forms that are needed to get a student involved in counseling services.  Please note that I need both a referral and a signed permission slip. 

For parents/guardians:

  • Please fill out both the referral and the permission slip and return them to the office.  Put the best possible contact information on the referral form so that I can call to get better information before meeting with your child.  
  • * Filling out a form does not guarantee that your child will be seen for counseling.  I will call and discuss the problems with you in an effort to determine what services can benefit your child.* 

For students:

  • If you would like to see me to discuss a problem fill out the student request for counseling and return it to the front office where the secretaries can put it into my mailbox.
  • I can see each student one time in the school year before obtaining permissions from your parents/guardians.

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