TAP is a school reform system for the purpose of increasing teacher effectiveness in order to increase student achievement. The system includes multiple career paths, on-going applied professional development, instructionally focused accountability, and performance-based compensation.

“Research shows that having high-quality teachers in the classroom is the single most important school factor driving increased student achievement. We work diligently to recognize teachers for their continued efforts to learn along with their students.”

– Gary Stark, President and CEO National Institute for Excellence in Teaching

These are resources to help us in our implementation of TAP at Desert Star.

Related Files

    pdf TAP Career Teacher Handbook (pdf file - 1.28 MB)
    This provides a wealth of information for TAP implementation.


    doc Lesson Plan Template (doc file - 44 KB)
    Lesson plans are due 24 hours before announced observations and 24 hours after unannounced observations.


    doc Self-Reflection Form (doc file - 55 KB)
    This is used for self-reflection after each formal observation. These are due to your evaluator within 24 hours of the observation.


    pdf TAP Brochure (pdf file - 1.59 MB)


    pdf TAP Evaluation and Compensation Guide (pdf file - 2.61 MB)


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