My Booklist

I have included a few links with 2nd grade reading lists that are very popular to the kiddos. I have also included some books of my choice :)

Popular 2nd Grade Reading list:

AR (Accelerated Reader): (This website is very helpful. At Desert Star, we incorporate Accelerated Reader "AR as you will hear." We use this website as a tool to help our kiddos grow as readers by reaching higher levels of reading. They read a book at their level from our school library and are assessed.)

*In our classroom, students read a book at their level "3 times," take a mini comprehension assessment where they must reach 100%, 5 consecutive times in order to be bumped to a higher reading level. For example, students that are reading at a 2.0 means that they are reading at the 2nd grade level. 1.2 would mean that they are reading at lower first grade level. 2.8 would mean that they are reading at a higher 2nd grade level, almost 3rd. 
It is very motivational for the kiddos especially when they reach another color! :)